Product PR

Apart from communication services for the company we also advise on product PR. Our professional advisors have run product PR campaigns for companies from property, construction, FMCG and service sectors.

Product PR, aimed at end recipients, by informing on product range, advantages and functional features, building a positive image both of the product and the company itself.

When we help you with product PR, we:

  • Provide media relations,
  • Prepare promotional materials,
  • Build websites and offer content management.

Our PR product activities are supported with:

  • Analyses of product’s image in the media
  • Analyses of communication channels with the target group
  • Introducing new products to the market
  • PR advisory during product rebranding process
  • Continuous communication of product offer
  • PR support of advertising campaigns
  • Events with product presentation
  • Product press conferences
  • Monitoring and analysis of media coverage
  • Crisis management
  • Advisory on marketing communication