Media trainings

Our media trainings provide a comprehensive approach to creating a media communication strategy which therefore build communication with the market environment. Training helps to master the public appearance and develop correct habits. It provides basic rules on how to coordinate and control the delivery of information to media as well as designs or strengthens the person’s media image. Each training has different program and is unique to each participant. A professional TV reporter team is always on every training session.

Training courses include:

  • mastering media appearances
  • developing correct habits of delivering information to the media
  • unusual or crisis situations
  • creating and maintaining a personal image,
  • creating a professional communications system and fostering cooperation with the media

The training will teach you how to:

  • organize and make a public media appearance
  • adapt the methods of conveying the message to each medium
  • adapt the form and message to the particular audience
  • build your own media image coherent with the company’s image
  • choose the right team for implementing chosen media projects

Our trainers are the top specialists, people connected with financial market, the media and public relations. Martis CONSULTING is a certified EduPartner of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. This partnership is an additional advantage proving the highest quality of our trainings.
The philosophy of our trainings is to base on client’s unique set of traits and opportunities incorporating the individual needs of each organization. Also, it is crucial to consider the company’s relationships with the environment and particularly media and investor communication, disclosure obligations, Best Practices, CSR and IPO/SPO issues.

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