Developed with the assistance of our professional consultants the company’s social policy limits the risk of occurrence of undesired events, allows for choosing the best business partners, strengthens the image and – by standardization of the procedures – has a major impact on the increase in effectiveness and safety of activities undertaken by the employees who are in charge of a particular activity area of the company.

We focus our CSR activities on:

  • CSR Strategy Audit
  • Building CSR Strategy
  • Ethical Programmes
  • Social Programmes
  • Environmental Protection Schemes
  • GRI reporting
  • Global Compact reporting

Every time we design a comprehensive CSR strategy or social programme focusing on specific target group, it is always based on:

  • analysis of the company’s mission and vision, its values and organizational structure,/li>
  • selection of the key stakeholders,/li>
  • arranging and recap of the company’s CSR activities (sponsorship, donations, ecology, ethical and incentive programs, communication system etc.),/li>
  • analysis of the competitor’s CSR strategies,/li>
  • analysis of the company’s financial and human resources,/li>
  • defining reporting methods and evaluation of undertaken activities/li>

New CSR strategy is supported by:

  • Internal Communications,/li>
  • training schemes for the management and employees /li>
  • publicity and recognition for the company’s best practices /li>

CSR strategy works firmly with the company’s business goals and aims at strengthening relations with:

  • the market (clients, suppliers, partners),/li>
  • business environment (public administration, citizens, media, opinion leaders, NGO’s),/li>
  • employees,

CSR strategy also focuses on reducing the negative impact on the environment which sharpens the business competitive edge and build the company’s long-term success