Educational activities

  • CSR Academy

    Martis CONSULTING is the author and partner of the “Development of corporate social responsibility” countrywide conference cycle, organised by “Puls Biznesu” under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Treasury. Warsaw Stock Exchange is also a partner of the event. The aim of the event is strengthening of social capital by educating small and medium-sized businesses in CSR and promoting sustainable growth among them. During the events, entrepreneurs from different regions learn different aspects of CSR and its application in different sectors and areas of activity.

  • Postgraduate studies at Warsaw School of Economics

    One-year Postgraduate Studies in Investor Relations and Financial Communication at WSE is a unique educational project on a national scale. Its programme was developed by the Chair of Market System Theory Department, part of the Collegium of Management and Finance at Warsaw School of Economics with Martis CONSULTING as a partner.

  • Workshops

    KSeveral times per year, we conduct open trainings for all interested in the Polish capital market, held at the premises of the financial daily “Parkiet”.

    The covered topics include: Communication as a means of creating corporate value, Disclosure obligations and investor relations of listed companies, Investment attractiveness of companies.