About us

  • We are the leading PR Agency in terms of the number of blue chips from the two most prestigious WIG30 on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
  • We are the only PR Agency to be the Warsaw Stock Exchange Educational Partner (GPW EduPartner).
  • We are the only PR Agency partnering Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) in the Postgraduate Studies in Investor Relations and Financial Communication.
  • We are a member of the SEC Group.

We are a professional consulting firm, founded in 2001 and advising companies on their image in the media and among investors. We also provide integrated communications programs and strategic counselling both for companies and institutions. We are experienced in supporting listed companies in internal and external communication, including communicating public share offers and other capital market transactions. We develop and implement Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) schemes, and prepare reports in accordance with GRI standards. We audit and plan strategies. We also introduce loyalty programmes and ethics programmes. Our strengths are based on professional team of consultants, excellent understanding of capital market, the highest international standards and excellent relations with media and capital market institutions. Companies that decide to cooperate with Martis CONSULTING gain the image of a reliable business partner bringing value to the company.


  • iprex

    We are the only member of International Organisation of Independent PR Agencies (IPREX) in the CEE region. International cooperation with a network of independent PR agencies builds our competitive edge and supports the global communication strategies of our Clients.
  • zfpr

    We are a member of the Polish Public Relations Consultancy Agencies Association The Polish Public Relations Consultancies Association (PPRCA) was established in January 2001 to represent the professional PR services industry in Poland and currently associates 30 agencies. It is a member of the Polish Federation of Private Employers Lewiatan (PKPP Lewiatan) and the International Communications Consultancy Organization (ICCO). It also has a cooperation agreement with the International Public Relations Association (IPRA).

  • gpw

    We are the only PR Agency to support the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) in creating post-graduate studies in investor relations and financial communications. Course is designed to equip management teams of WSE-listed companies and business professionals with the tools building investor relations and effective financial communication on the Polish capital market. Our agehncy experts contribute to the course as lecturers.
  • parkiet

    We are proud to be the only PR Agency which became the Warsaw Stock Exchange Educational Partner (GPW EduPartner). It was granted by the Warsaw Stock Exchange for our engagement in supporting best practices among listed companies
  • seg

    With “Rzeczpospolita” and “Parkiet” dailies, we run a regular workshops focused on communication between companies and the market. The workshops are supervised and run by our agency experts.
  • sgh

    Jako jedyna w Polsce agencja PR jesteśmy partnerem merytorycznym Szkoły Głównej Handlowej w realizacji Podyplomowych Studiów Relacji Inwestorskich i Komunikacji Finansowej, które są skierowane do kadry kierowniczej i specjalistycznej przedsiębiorstw notowanych na GPW oraz innych osób pragnących poszerzyć swoją wiedzę z zakresu budowania relacji inwestorskich oraz komunikacji finansowej na polskim rynku kapitałowym. W gronie wykładowców są nasi konsultanci.


Ewa Bałdyga

Vice President

Vice-president of Martis CONSULTING since 2005. Graduate of Warsaw School of Economics, majoring in Management and Marketing, as well as Finance and Banking. In 1999-2005 she worked as a journalist for Gazeta Giełdy “PARKIET”. Awarded with nomination to E. Kwiatkowski award for outstanding services for the growth of economic relations between Poland and Polish community abroad after 1989. Ewa Bałdyga was among 10 finalists of the first edition of Radio PiN i BRE Bank competition: Bizneswoman of 2008. Nominated for Protony competition three times. outside the scope of her professional activities, Ewa Bałdyga also conducts educational activities. Thanks to her efforts, the first post-graduate studies in Investor Relations and Financial Communication were launched in Warsaw School of Economics. She also initiated CSR Academy, Poland-wide conference cycle, educating small and medium-size companies.


Dariusz Jarosz


Since February 2007 he is a CEO of Martis CONSULTING. Prior to this he was a CEO of PARKIET Media, the publisher of Gazeta Giełdy PARKIET which is a leading Polish stock market daily. Before he became Head of Marketing and Sales of Gazeta PARKIET and its Board Member (2003 – 2004), he was its Deputy Editor In Chief (1999 – 2003). Since 1994 he was a professional business journalist, a columnist and also a stock market expert at TVN24. Dariusz is a licensed stockbroker and investment adviser and holds a Chartered Financial Analyst designation. He holds an MBA in journalism and political sciences from University of Warsaw. He graduated from Warsaw School of Economics, Market Analysis and Marketing Department. He serves on Supervisory Boards for Martis SA and Boryszew SA and Alchemia SA.


Educational activities

  • CSR Academy

    Martis CONSULTING is the author and partner of the “Development of corporate social responsibility” countrywide conference cycle, organised by “Puls Biznesu” under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Treasury. Warsaw Stock Exchange is also a partner of the event. The aim of the event is strengthening of social capital by educating small and medium-sized businesses in CSR and promoting sustainable growth among them. During the events, entrepreneurs from different regions learn different aspects of CSR and its application in different sectors and areas of activity.

  • Postgraduate studies at Warsaw School of Economics

    One-year Postgraduate Studies in Investor Relations and Financial Communication at WSE is a unique educational project on a national scale. Its programme was developed by the Chair of Market System Theory Department, part of the Collegium of Management and Finance at Warsaw School of Economics with Martis CONSULTING as a partner.

  • Workshops

    KSeveral times per year, we conduct open trainings for all interested in the Polish capital market, held at the premises of the financial daily “Parkiet”.

    The covered topics include: Communication as a means of creating corporate value, Disclosure obligations and investor relations of listed companies, Investment attractiveness of companies.

The best would be
to say how we do it.
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Our Offer

We realize the importance of good reputation which translates into the trust of clients, business partners and our local communities.

We have profound knowledge and an extensive market experience in numerous fields, as well as know-how in information management in listed companies.

We are successful in building brand awareness and brand’s positive image in target groups.

We conduct PR in such a way, so they provide substantial support in implementing business strategies.

Financial Communication

We are proud to have an extensive experience of advising our Clients on capital market communication. We create and develop PR programmes and communication strategies both for listed companies and those planning their debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Additionally, Martis CONSULTING has IPO department with a team of acclaimed experts with wide experience gained during the development of Polish capital market.

We offer a range of financial PR activities including:

  • Media Relations
  • Analyst relations
  • supporting the company’s reorganization
  • creating Interim Report presentations
  • Integrated Annual Reports
  • Online IR content building and management

Public Affairs

Martis CONSULTING has a strong record of supporting Public Affairs and among other projects, we advised on:

  • building a platform of support for the development of the idea of cashless transactions and the reduction of interchange fees
  • Maintaining low VAT on children’s clothes
  • Minimizing the impact of trade unions on the competitiveness of the Polish mining industry
  • Building and maintaining a broad public and expert support for competitive telecommunications market in the context of strategic decisions after the market regulators.

ePR & Social Media

Our area of expertise is not only marketing strategy development. We professionaly take care of visual and informational aspects of company’s or brand’s image in social media. Experience of our graphic designers and copywriters will guarantee the quality of its final shape.

Our social media campaign includes:

  • Development of advertising strategy
  • Running company’s profile on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram
  • Communication with social media users
  • Development of pictures gallery
  • Ongoing monitoring after strategy implementation.


Developed with the assistance of our professional consultants the company’s social policy limits the risk of occurrence of undesired events, allows for choosing the best business partners, strengthens the image and – by standardization of the procedures – has a major impact on the increase in effectiveness and safety of activities undertaken by the employees who are in charge of a particular activity area of the company.

We focus our CSR activities on:

  • CSR Strategy Audit
  • Building CSR Strategy
  • Ethical Programmes
  • Social Programmes
  • Environmental Protection Schemes
  • GRI reporting
  • Global Compact reporting

Every time we design a comprehensive CSR strategy or social programme focusing on specific target group, it is always based on:

  • analysis of the company’s mission and vision, its values and organizational structure,/li>
  • selection of the key stakeholders,/li>
  • arranging and recap of the company’s CSR activities (sponsorship, donations, ecology, ethical and incentive programs, communication system etc.),/li>
  • analysis of the competitor’s CSR strategies,/li>
  • analysis of the company’s financial and human resources,/li>
  • defining reporting methods and evaluation of undertaken activities/li>

New CSR strategy is supported by:

  • Internal Communications,/li>
  • training schemes for the management and employees /li>
  • publicity and recognition for the company’s best practices /li>

CSR strategy works firmly with the company’s business goals and aims at strengthening relations with:

  • the market (clients, suppliers, partners),/li>
  • business environment (public administration, citizens, media, opinion leaders, NGO’s),/li>
  • employees,

CSR strategy also focuses on reducing the negative impact on the environment which sharpens the business competitive edge and build the company’s long-term success

Internal communication

The employee is the company’s best brand ambassador. Therefore, communication directed to the employees and subsidiary companies plays a key role in the process of organisational and technological changes, restructuring, as well as shareholding structure transformation.

Our wide experience is proved by numerous companies while building effective communication models adjusted to their particular needs, unique organization schemes and management styles.

When we work on internal communication, we:

  • Audit internal communication scheme
  • Support and advise on communicating changes
  • Build new communication schemes
  • Train companies on effective communication with employees
  • Support and promote social dialogue.

Crisis Management

We do not wish any company to face a crisis; however, not many of them can safely say they never had it. From PR perspective, what we mean by crisis is not so much about economic turbulence, but it’s the risk of losing company’s positive image and reputation that can be detrimental. Financial loss is relatively easy to compensate where as rebuilding the reputation takes time and effort. Nevertheless, it is worth to have professional backup.

By crisis management we mean:

  • Audit crisis management systems
  • Crisis manual building
  • Media relations
  • Trainings for groups potentially involved in crisis situations
  • Crisis communication management
  • Crisis simulations

Media trainings

Our media trainings provide a comprehensive approach to creating a media communication strategy which therefore build communication with the market environment. Training helps to master the public appearance and develop correct habits. It provides basic rules on how to coordinate and control the delivery of information to media as well as designs or strengthens the person’s media image. Each training has different program and is unique to each participant. A professional TV reporter team is always on every training session.

Training courses include:

  • mastering media appearances
  • developing correct habits of delivering information to the media
  • unusual or crisis situations
  • creating and maintaining a personal image,
  • creating a professional communications system and fostering cooperation with the media

The training will teach you how to:

  • organize and make a public media appearance
  • adapt the methods of conveying the message to each medium
  • adapt the form and message to the particular audience
  • build your own media image coherent with the company’s image
  • choose the right team for implementing chosen media projects

Our trainers are the top specialists, people connected with financial market, the media and public relations. Martis CONSULTING is a certified EduPartner of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. This partnership is an additional advantage proving the highest quality of our trainings.
The philosophy of our trainings is to base on client’s unique set of traits and opportunities incorporating the individual needs of each organization. Also, it is crucial to consider the company’s relationships with the environment and particularly media and investor communication, disclosure obligations, Best Practices, CSR and IPO/SPO issues.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services.


Our expertise includes research projects, such as:

  • Investor satisfaction research
  • Customer satisfaction research
  • Research among journalists
  • Key stakeholder research
  • Research among local communities of the project

Product PR

Apart from communication services for the company we also advise on product PR. Our professional advisors have run product PR campaigns for companies from property, construction, FMCG and service sectors.

Product PR, aimed at end recipients, by informing on product range, advantages and functional features, building a positive image both of the product and the company itself.

When we help you with product PR, we:

  • Provide media relations,
  • Prepare promotional materials,
  • Build websites and offer content management.

Our PR product activities are supported with:

  • Analyses of product’s image in the media
  • Analyses of communication channels with the target group
  • Introducing new products to the market
  • PR advisory during product rebranding process
  • Continuous communication of product offer
  • PR support of advertising campaigns
  • Events with product presentation
  • Product press conferences
  • Monitoring and analysis of media coverage
  • Crisis management
  • Advisory on marketing communication

Corporate Communication

The image is the best investment of a company. Good public perception translates into better company valuation and stronger market position when it comes to negotiating with business partners or searching for the best employees.

We build good public perception by development and implementation of long-term communication programmes aimed at market environment.

In terms of crisis management, we:

  • Provide media relations
  • Prepare promotional materials
  • Build expert reputation of company’s management
  • Audit public image and develop image building strategies
  • Develop communication strategies
  • Provide monitoring and control
  • Build websites and offer content management

Comprehensive communication strategies

In terms of comprehensive communication strategies, we:

  • Prepare image analysis of a given project, including measurement of project awareness and its public acceptance, as well as determination of the target project image,
  • Conduct research and social analyses, in order to identify knowledge about, acceptance for and current image of the given project,
  • Interview experts and opinion formers, adequate to our Client’s sector and his project’s environment.

Martis CONSULTING was, among other activities, the author of a comprehensive communication and promotion strategy for high-speed line building project in 2011-2015, seeking financing from the EU budget.

Professionalism, responsibility,
. These values
help us earn the satisfaction
of our Clients.



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